Marx Bio’s platform technology has both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Currently, the company is focused on developing a diagnostic kit for Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). GVHD is a life threatening complication of allogeneic (non-self) stem cell transplantation – such as bone marrow, peripheral blood or cord blood transplantation and solid organ transplantations. The cells from the donor react adversely to the cells in the patient.

Marx Biotechnology’s diagnostic kit is based on a unique platform that directly targets GVHD. It therefore offers a diagnostic solution for doctors and patients before the onset of observable GVHD symptoms, when the disease is more easily treatable. The Iris-GVHDTM diagnostic kit is comprised of a custom-designed protein chip; a small glass slide containing antibodies which detect proteins in T-cells These proteins were selected for their reliability in predicting GVHD onset, as well as distinguishing GVHD from other conditions.

Marx Biotechnology’s diagnostic kit requires nothing more than a series of blood tests, which will enable the medical team to detect and diagnose the early onset of GVHD in real-time. In contrast with current diagnostic techniques (biopsy after the appearance of symptoms), the Iris-GVHDTM diagnostic kit is minimally invasive. Our technology has 3 separate components. Each comp renders a diagnosis. The overlap gives high level of accuracy.