Marx Biotechnology is developing a proprietary first-in-class molecular diagnostic kit for the early detection of Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD).

GVHD is a life threatening complication of allogeneic (non-self) stem cell transplantation – such as bone marrow, peripheral blood or cord blood transplantation – and solid organ transplantations. The cells from the donor react adversely to the cells in the patient. GVHD affects approximately 50% of all such transplant patients, frequently resulting in death.

Marx Bio’s approach has 5 clear advantages:

  •  By using a protein chip, Marx Biotechnology has embraced an established process to facilitate the use of their unique technology, thus minimizing training requirements and maximizing ease of application.
  •  By looking at the molecule GSK-3beta in a comprehensive manner, Marx Biotechnology has achieved a full understanding of GVHD. 
  • The technology encompasses not one but 3 components,. Each one renders a diagnosis. The overlap of the different components results in a highly accurate diagnostic kit.
  • Many of the antibodies on the chip have been developed specifically for the diagnostic kit.
  • The uniqueness of the platform technology enables a pipeline of applications including cancer, Parkinson’s and sepsis.

Incorporated in Jerusalem in January 2011, the Marx Bio team has completed proof of concept in animal studies, has published in a peer reviewed journal, and has filed three patents. It is commencing a Phase 1 clinical trial in humans in Tel Aviv.

Marx Bio has a clear work schedule to deliver a validated and cleared product, ready for market entry within 36 to 48 months. The company is looking for strategic partners to join in that journey.

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